Summary of activities 2023

Summary of activities 2023

Philanthropy Program: “TENNIS to GROW”
Final report 2023


In this past year, 2023, tennis classes were taught in a total of seven schools in Montevideo and Canelones, the same as in 2022.

They began with a summer group, these activities taking place in Sports Plaza No. 3 of Parque Rodó, to continue on March 1st in the school grounds, until the end of December.

The number of girls and boys who participated this year was around 500 participants, highlighting an increase in the number of boys from School 47 of Villa el Tato Canelones (the school with the most recent admission) being part of it since 2022.

For the second year we also continued with the support and monitoring of the school associated with the program, which operates on a private farm of the Dutilh family, on the outskirts of the city of Rivera. In 2023, the number of boys participating in this tennis school was more than 60, belonging to three rural schools in the area: Schools 71, 84 and 86.

As the school cycles go by, in these now 13 years of life of the Tenis Para Crecer program, we notice the strengthening of the bond between the school community, the teachers and the families of the neighborhoods, while, at the same time, it is with much satisfaction that we received from all of them, their generous expressions of gratitude for the support that, from the program, we have the privilege of being able to provide them.

Tennis classes, in program format, are our tool, but at the same time an excuse to intervene in values and containment in neighborhoods where the great contribution is sharing the joy of playing tennis.

We have also continued to strengthen inclusive activities, tennis for the blind and wheelchair tennis, both at a social level and at a competitive/professional level, with highlights at the international level, participating in Paralympic competitions.

Final REPORT by activity of the 2023 program:

1 - Tennis schools for children

January 2023 development of summer classes in Plaza N° 3 of Parque Rodó with very good attendance of children.

March 2023 Start of classes in all schools in the program.

Some schools visit the facilities of the Tennis Development Center in Plaza N° 3

Chosen by IC Philanthropy (headquarters in London), we are proposed to carry out a pilot cultural exchange program between a tennis school in Washington (Washington Tennis Educational Foundation) under IC USA and three schools from our IC program. URUGUAY :

The exchange consists of the creation of audiovisual and written materials around topics related to values and customs, which are generated by the children with the guidance of their teachers and professors.

For Uruguay, 10 children have participated this year, representing three schools in Montevideo and Canelones (Schools 35, 47 and 268).

This series of exchanges that began in mid-2023 will continue during part of next 2024, extending the participation of the Rivera Department School.

This new pilot project promoted by the IC Council has left us all very satisfied to see that our children have experienced it with a feeling of great emotion, personal growth, and in relation to globalization.

There is the possibility of replicating this experience with other countries/continents, and surely in our case we will be able to start a new pilot program once the current one is finished (closing in June 2024).

School by school:

1) Full-time School 92 - Lavalleja neighborhood - Casavalle Zone
Start of classes in March with 60 third and fourth year children.

2) Special School No. 248 - Borro Neighborhood
Start of classes in March with 20 children with different degrees of intellectual difficulty and learning problems. Among them, Jonathan stands out, a child with severe motor difficulties who, due to his problems, did not participate in physical education activities. However, through tennis, he became a skilled and enthusiastic participant in all classes, which is why At the end of the year we were pleased to give him a new racket and balls, as a reward for his improvement.

3) Schools No. 35 Guatemala - Barrio Buceo
Start of classes in March with 60 5th year children

4) School No. 267 Euskalerria 70
Start of classes in March with 120 children corresponding to 2 third and 2 fourth grades.

5) Obra Banneux School in the Marconi neighborhood
Start of classes in March with 20 children, 3rd and 4th year.

6) School No. 268 Pinar Norte (Canelones)
Start of classes in March with 120 children in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade.
In 2023 we have once again had the invaluable support of the El Pinar Tennis Club for the teaching of all the classes corresponding to this school.

7) School No. 47 Villa el Tato
Start of classes in March with an increase to 120 children in relation to the 60 who participated in 2022
y 2024 we hope to be able to extend the benefit of tennis classes to the students of the CEA center (Associated Educational Centers) basic technological cycle located next to the school.
This will give us the possibility of expanding the monitoring of the school's students, beyond the sixth year, that is, accompanying their passage to the basic cycle of secondary education.
Through the management of the program, we have contributed to providing access to the tennis courts in the private neighborhood of La Tahona, relatively close to the school. We will surely deepen this relationship in 2024.

8) Rivera Tennis School
It started in March with more than 60 children from three rural schools in the area attending the Dutilh Farm. Starting January 15, the special summer 2024 groups will be activated.

Complementary activities with schools

At the end of the year, shared snacks and open classes were held with the different schools, and educational trips were held to the Faculty of Architecture and Sports Plaza of Parque Rodó.

2 - Inclusive activities:

Tennis for the Blind.

In March, tennis practices for the blind also began at the Plaza No. 3 facilities of the AUT, to which were added a series of meetings at the El Pinar Tennis Club, where several people with visual disabilities of City of the Coast, Montevideo and Gold Coast.

Regarding training activities and workshops, Tennis for the Blind and Wheelchair Tennis workshops were offered.

Among other cultural activities, a musical group was formed made up of participants in tennis for the blind and wheelchair tennis, to make a presentation at the SODRE in an activity called by the MIDES (Ministry of Social Development). The group was named by the same members as “Nothing to see” and the presentation was a great success!

The group also performed a musical presentation in the Friendship Park on the occasion of National Disability Day, the activity was combined with a tennis workshop for the blind, both activities with a large audience. This set will continue active as part of the program.

Wheelchair tennis

The wheelchair tennis training sessions were once again based at the Sports Plaza No. 3 but were also carried out at other venues, such as Carrasco Lawn Tennis (Solymar headquarters), Club Náutico / Banco República, Tennis Club El Pinar and Pando Sports Plaza.

During the year we were pleased to have the great support on the court of Mr. Marcelo Filippini ( Former champion ATP 30 ) as well as the young player Luciana Mendoza. At the same time, several IC members joined the training sessions, among which Ms. Fiorella Bonicelli ( Former champion , GS winner ) and Guillermina Grant (N° 1 in Uruguay) stand out.

The work and improvement objectives set at the beginning of the year were satisfactorily achieved, participating on various occasions in international events, with an ITF score.

It is worth highlighting the participation of our youth player Alfonso Llovet in the Youth Parpan American Games in Bogotá in June.

Likewise, we were also able to count on the participation of our number one player, Luciano Varela, in the Parapan American Games for seniors, in Santiago de Chile.

Both Luciano and Alfonso, along with Agustin Marengo, had outstanding participation in international tournaments, obtaining scores for the ITF ranking, with Luciano reaching the 100th ranking in the world!!

The rest of the group participated in training throughout the year, of which 10 players closed the year competing in the national tournament, held in November at the facilities of the Tennis Development Center of the Uruguayan Tennis Association, with very good performance. .

Another of the objectives achieved this past year has to do with the incorporation of a female player, something that until now we had not been able to achieve. Likewise, Ezequiel, an 8-year-old boy, also began training with great enthusiasm.

In 2024 we will begin training on January 2, seeking to carry out a good preparation to participate in the qualification for the Americas, for the 2024 Wheelchair Tennis World Cup (BNP Paribas World Team Cup) classification dispute date: 18 to February 23.

Thus, a new year of great work has closed in which the achievements achieved allow us to continue looking forward, without ceasing to add value and constant innovation to make our Tenis Para Crecer program, a model to follow, and in constant improvement.

IC Uruguay Philanthropy Program:

Head Coach - Roberto Ichazo
Collaborators: Ricardo Ichazo and Emanuel Gonzalez.
Program Director - Philippe Pinet


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