Tennis Rwanda Children's Foundation

The International Tennis Club and Tennis Rwanda Children's Foundation are working collaboratively to introduce tennis to children in need throughout Rwanda.

Teaching children how to play tennis helps them learn essential life-skills including: problem-solving, trusting their own judgment and accepting responsibility, practicing honesty, sportsmanship, being respectful, humble, working hard, improving mental strength, social skills and, most importantly, building self-confidence.

The program in Year 1 is operating at local schools, small tennis clubs, low-income government housing communities and refugee camps where the need is evident. Year on year, we will add trained tennis coaches to help expand the program to most areas throughout Rwanda. Please visit the website:

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  • Building self confidence
  • Team work
  • Teaching respect
  • Benefits of good nutrition
  • Working with goals and within the rules

IC Philanthropy currently has a portfolio of 15 programmes and start-ups taking place across the world.

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