The Netherlands

The Netherlands
In Amsterdam, in conjunction with the Richard Krajicek Foundation, tennis coaching is provided for approximately 65 children, aged 6-16. There are
many one-parent households and high unemployment in the district and consequently the financial support from the parents for tennis activities is limited. The programme offers the children 2-4 hours of tennis coaching per week; in addition the kids are also taught life skills and the importance of healthy eating. A partnership has been set up with a regular tennis club, which allows the children to also participate in junior team competitions and tournaments.

Sylvia's Story

In 1990 Sylvia ’s parents moved from Nigeria to Amsterdam, Netherlands in search for a better life. They settled in the Reigersbos area of Amsterdam where Sylvia was born in 2000. Until then the only tie the Okafor family had with tennis was an occasional glimpse on television.

The Netherlands Update

Chuks,Tennis Project Trainer, and his daughter, Sylvia Okafor, visited Nigeria where Chuks was born and Sylvia participated in her first ITF Future tournaments. This photograph was taken at a tennis clinic in Lagos, for local kids, run by Chuks and Sylvia; Chuks is in the blue shirt.

Exchange Tournament 17th June 2017

Recently a large group of our street tennis kids and their coaches assembled for a bus ride to The Hague to play matches against kids from a similar project as ours.  In order to create equal matches, the children were divided in three levels according to their tennis skills.  In the morning short singles matches were played and after a joint lunch the program continued with doubles.


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