Aprende Jugando summary 2023

Aprende Jugando summary 2023

IC Chile was founded in 2014 and since then it has 50 National Members, 9 National Honorary Members and 11 International Honorary Members.

From the beginning of the organization in Chile, it was agreed to create a Tennis School for low-income children following the ICP guidelines, which was carried out at the Santa Rosa de Lo Barnechea Parish School. Since its creation until today, more than 500 boys and girls between 8 and 12 years old have passed through this school, managing to provide basic tennis technical tools for the game and, more importantly, values for life, including in this last aspect. perseverance, setting goals and achieving them and the importance of “fair play”.

On the following pages we report the boys and girls who participated in the School last year (name, ages and grades), we show some pictures and point out the achievements achieved during the year 2023.

1. Brayan Alcántara, 1°básico, 6 years old
2. Catalina Arriagada, 1°básico, 6
3. Mateo Bedón, 1°básico, 6
4. Marcia Bustos, 1°básico, 6
5. Analía Quino, 1°básico, 6
6. Simón Caneleo, 2°básico, 7
7. Martina Millapi, 2°básico, 7
8. Adrián Otero, 2°básico, 7
9. Florencia Coronado, 3°básico, 8
10. Daniel Del Cerro, 3°básico, 8
11. Edward Llanque, 3°básico, 8
12. Patricio González, 3°básico, 8
13. Danae Juárez, 3°básico, 9
14. Brithany Llauce, 3°básico, 9
15. Simón Terice, 3°básico, 8
16. Gaspar Toro, 3°básico, 8
17. Alonso Vidal, 3°básico, 8
18. Máximo Vargas, 3°básico, 9
19. Benjamín Zenteno, 3°básico, 9
20. Luana Horna, 4°básico, 10
21. Alison Navarro, 4°básico, 10
22. Jazmín Ceballos, 5°básico, 10
23. Luciana Henao, 5°básico, 10
24. Francisca Vergara, 5°básico, 10
25. Valentina Ortega, 6°básico, 11 years old
26. Josefa Méndez, 6°básico, 11
27. Antonella Rodríguez, 6°básico, 11
28. Emilia Rodríguez, 6°básico, 11
29. Nicolás Castro, 6° básico, 11
30. Hillary Torres, 6°básico, 11
31. Fernanda Espinoza, 6°básico 11
32. Amanda Díaz, 7°básico, 12
33. Catalina Campos, 7°básico, 12
34. Elisa Guzmán, 7°básico, 12
35. Sebastián Meriño, 7°básico, 12
36. Olivia Soto, 7°básico, 12
37. María Vergara, 7°básico, 12
38. Mariano Villa, 7°básico, 12
39. Amanda Vidal, 7°básico, 12
40. Maximiliano Riquelme, 8°básico, 13

During the year 2023 we managed to get the children closer to the basic knowledge of tennis, seeking to reach a good level in the different skills of the game, such as coordination, balance and concentration, managing to maintain motivation and promoting camaraderie, “fair play”. and healthy competition. From a technical point of view, the children learned to move on the court and know basic shots such as the forehand, the backhand and the smash.

The students were divided into two groups two days of the week (wednesdays and fridays), according to their ages. The classes were taught by Professor Alonso Ibacache, with an IC partner assistant each day, Eduardo Moraga and Pedro Ramírez.

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