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The Netherlands


Co-financed by the Krajicek Foundation, the IC of Netherlands provides facilities, equipment and tennis coaching to disadvantaged children in the Reigersbos district of Amsterdam. The region is a multicultural district primarily of Surinam and African roots with considerable unemployment or one-parent families. The programme accommodates approximately 60 children who receive 2-4 hours tennis per week. The programme hosts junior team competitions and the ABN AMRO Young Talent Trophy which provide an opportunity to the children to play in tournaments. The aim is to build life skills such as discipline, fair play, adherence to rules of tennis and teamwork, as well as a commitment to self-development and healthy nutritional habits.

Exchange Tournament
17th June 2017

Recently a large group of our street tennis kids and their coaches assembled for a bus ride to The Hague to play matches against kids from a similar project as ours.  In order to create equal matches, the children were divided in three levels according to their tennis skills.  In the morning short singles matches were played and after a joint lunch the program continued with doubles.
Our children enjoyed this tennis trip very much. At the end all were rewarded with a medal, to emphasize that participation was more important than winning.  On the way back to Amsterdam there was a short break for a typical Dutch delight: eating pancakes.  All-in all a very worthwhile experience for our kids with respect to how competing in a sporty manner and at the same time making new friends.

Hans Adama van Scheltema
ICP The Netherlands

Tennis Kids World Tour

For the first time this year, some of the kids in our “street tennis” project are participating in the so called ‘Tennis Kids World Tour’, organized by the Dutch tennis association.

It's called World Tour because the dates when this competition for children aged 6-12 is played, coincide with the international tournaments on the ATP or WTA circuit.  

The tennis kids are divided in 4 groups, based on age and level of play: red - orange - green - yellow.  The 4 colours of the groups are matching with the type of balls the children are playing with. Beginners play with a red ball: bigger and much softer than the regular yellow ball with which the best children are playing.  The red group plays on a mini court: from service box to service box.
In the orange group the children play on a 3/4 court, where the baseline is halfway the service line and the normal baseline.  Green and yellow play on the whole court.

This World Tour is an excellent opportunity for our kids to get some experience in playing matches, have fun and meet children from other tennis clubs. 

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