Starting 10 years ago with one school and 50 children, the programme reached 800 children at 6 schools in 2018. Tennis nets are set up in public squares, multisport areas and school courtyards, all situated in very poor and ‘difficult’ neighbourhoods. The children, aged from 6 to 14 years, receive an average of 4 hours (two sessions) tennis instruction per week. ‘Support groups’ in each school receive extra and more intensive tennis coaching. They are awarded ‘scholarships’ enabling them to be members of local Tennis Clubs. The programme also includes ‘Global Teaching’ and includes cultural activities

Pandemic update from Uruguay

These are the measures we took and - are taking in view of the pandemic and the temporary closing of all schools in our country. We are working in close coordination with the Ministry of Sports of Uruguay and with the teachers and headmasters of the six schools where we have our tennis centers.

Uruguay update

With the arrival of 300 kids from 6 different areas, we promote through sport the values of an active and healthy lifestyle and hopefully distance these kids from drug abuse and delinquency.


IC Philanthropy

  • Building self confidence
  • Team work
  • Teaching respect
  • Benefits of good nutrition
  • Working with goals and within the rules

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