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In collaboration with The Sports Ministry of Uruguay and supported by the Robert Abdesselam Foundation, this programme encourages disadvantaged children to participate in sport and avoid anti-social influences such as substance abuse and criminal activity. 250 children, aged between 6 and 14 years of age, receive an average of 4 hours tennis per week. Lessons on how to live a healthy, active life and strong emphasis on the value of friendship, teamwork and family support are also instilled in the players.

Uruguay update – October 2016

With the arrival of 300 kids from 6 different areas, we promote through sport the values of an active and healthy lifestyle and hopefully distance these kids from drug abuse and delinquency.
Not only do we carry out admin work but Eldon search for international funding to strengthen the program to ensure its future. It is currently financed by the Minister of Sport who has power of the Robert Abdeselan Foundation and the ICP. The success is clear by seeing the enthusiasm of the children, their parents and the areas too where the centres are. The dedication of our teachers is another real strength and the teacher's commitment provides our reason to continue forward.

1) school called 70: 30 kids are involved, 2 sessions per week of 1h30
2) school 35: total of 90 kids, 2 sessions per week
3) School Banneux: 60 kids doing 2 sessions
4) School Tacurú: 30 kids, 2 sessions per week
5) School El Pinar: 40 kids, 2 sessions per week 
6) School of Soriano: one weekly slot of 2 hours

New School: tennis for those in wheelchairs
Once a week those with physical disabilities (unclear if adults and/or children) practise on the courts of APRI and they are part of the program in order to ensure enough wheelchairs are provided for these players.

Uruguay update - December 2017

Jonathan Olivera and Alexander Landin win tennis scholarships 

Jonathan and Pablo Cuevas (top 30 ATP Player)

Click on the link to download Tennis Scholarship.pdf

Watch the latest video form ICP Uruguay (in Spanish)

The video below is about two of the four activities ICP Uruguay organised with the National Sports Ministry as schools’ year ending activities, inviting kids of the program to local tennis clubs near their schools. 

It was designed as an extra final activity, with fun, a tennis clinic, and a lunch all together. All four activities were very successful as you see in the video, and the great thing for us was the active participation of the Ministry (authorities and some sport coaches, and their own press managers). 

We developed some recreational activities on the court, with snacks, with all the schools in the program, taking the children to new environments, such as the Yacht Club, the Circulo de Tenis of Montevideo, and LA ACADEMIA. In these activities we had great support and participation from the National Sports Secretary

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