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Kenton on Sea year end report 2022

Kenton on Sea year end report 2022

For the second time, Khaya was selected to participate in TSA’s mentorship programme, only this time our assistant coach, Lucia, was also selected.   A lovely opportunity, especially for the young lady, however, she has elected to go to university and is currently awaiting the outcome of her application - we could well lose her.   We are very proud of her as she joined us at when the programme had just started, progressed to playing tournaments and becoming a full member of the Kenton Tennis Club.   Our biggest success story.

Khaya is not far behind.   At the E Cape Seniors Open Tournament, Khaya and Lucia were introduced to the world of officiating by being able to shadow officials as they went about their duties.   Khaya is very keen on learning more, as was Lucia, and we will give him every opportunity.   Not only does he attend every course that’s available, but he is also very involved with the Kariega Game Reserve’s Outreach Foundation as a facilitator, trainer, coach, mentor, and Project Leader.    How fortunate we are to have him and the passion for sport that he brings to tennis. 

There are a dozen younger kids who regularly attend coaching sessions, one of whom seems very talented, although he’d never held a racket before 6 months ago.  We wanted to give the older children more tournament exposure this year and we were able to enter them into 2 tournaments and the subsequent District Trials.   As a result of their performances in the tournaments and Trials, 3 children were invited to the Masters’ Event.   There will be further opportunity in the New Year to play in the Provincial Trials.

As mentioned in my report last year, after a meeting with the Kariega Game Reserve’s Foundation (the reserve is some 30 kms from Kenton and home of the Big 5), they have agreed to come on board as a partner in 2023.   Initially their contribution will mainly be for transport which has to be shared with other sporting codes in their Foundation, but I am hoping that food and nutrition will form part of this partnership as we go along.    A further contribution is their amazing Life Skills programme in, not only the local school, but also in schools in 2 neighbouring Townships.  Facilitators learn through online courses about elements such as Environmental Education, Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Goal-directed behaviour and Self-regulated behaviour.   After that they present these courses to pupils at the schools.   All our children benefit from this programme to a far better extent, I imagine, than they might have done if we had run such courses on our own.  Meanwhile, Khaya continues teaching our players about social skills, court etiquette, setting goals and so on.  

The Kariega Game Reserve: The following websites are just 2 of the sites where information can be found.

South African Game Lodge History | Kariega Private Game Reserve

Kariega Foundation Youth Development | Kariega Game Reserve

The Kariega Foundation has 230 learners currently registered in after schools’ sports programme. The learners participate in netball, soccer and sevens rugby. Practices occur three times a week and all teams compete in the Ndlambe league.

(How fantastic would it be to see, from the humble beginnings in 2014, tennis given as one of Kariega Game reserve’s sporting codes next year!  The International Club’s never-wavering support and financial assistance has translated into this success.    Maybe in a year or two it’ll be time for us to wave goodbye to this project and start anew along the Garden Route!!)

Please see the photograph of the 6 coaches and trainers on their Youth Development website – Khaya is on the extreme right.

In conclusion, I would once again like to thank you for your continued support of the initiative.  8 years of investment in Kenton has brought happiness to the lives of our youngsters.    Eleven years ago, when you invited us to introduce a Development Programme in Vosloorus, it was difficult to imagine that the IC South Africa would have a success story there, such as it is now, with Kenton as it’s little brother!!

Many thanks.


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