Update from Rwanda October 2023

Update from Rwanda October 2023

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We are just back from Rwanda. What a trip. Our visiting team did a superb job. Joseline Umulisa planned an excellent schedule that kept us busy from morning to evening traveling to various districts throughout Rwanda. We averaged 2 clinics/day with about 150 children in each clinic. We worked closely with our team of local coaches and helped them refine their teaching methods. All in all, a very successful visit.

We donated several hundred junior racquets, 3,000 orange-dot balls, 12 junior and regular nets, 1,500 replacement grips, 1,000 over grips, 300 pairs of children’s tennis shoes, 1,000 wristlets, training accessories, etc on our latest visit to Rwanda. 

We held a national press conference on Day 2. That grabbed the attention of senior Government leaders. The Minister of Sport called and asked me to meet with her. She was thrilled to learn more about our progress, especially when I told her we started with 50 children participating last December and now had 1,200 children participating. She pledged to help us find local corporate brand partners (banks, insurance companies, property development companies, etc.) to finance the cost of building tennis courts and practice walls in various districts.

Our teams of pro’s and coaches from North America and Europe will visit Rwanda at least 3 times in 2024: April, July and October. We expect 3,000 children will be participating in the I.C. / TRCF program by the end of 2024. 

We are working hard to raise funds in North America and Europe. I’m amazed by the generosity of people who visit our website (, watch the video then donate funds and/or equipment so spontaneously. I believe the reason is the backstory of the genocide, Joseline’s journey from her traumatized childhood to become the inspiring leader and champion she is today, and Rwanda’s ability to heal and recover under the brilliant visionary leadership of President Paul Kagame.

Phil Cox
International Tennis Club of Canada & USA – Philanthropy Committee Member

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