Summary report - 2021

Summary report - 2021

The programme takes place in ITEC (Israel Tennis and Education Centers-Jaffa).

The programme includes 20 participants, they are really happy and feel secure coming to the Center, receiving tennis and sports sessions, getting meals and receiving help with studies and celebrating holidays together.

We Celebrated Hanukkah festive together in December lighting candles and singing songs – this was really meaningful to the kids, having such a positive and happy celebration. We gave them bags as a present which also made them extremely happy!

In Israel things reopened in February 2021, and in ITEC-Jaffa we immediately started with opening the programme, and getting the kids coming and having a safe and positive experience, playing outside and feeling life is getting back on course. The kids were emotionally hurt from all the restriction due to Covid-19, they were stressed and were looking to get out and feel normal. We are glad we could provide that, thanks to ICP's support.

The kids come every Sunday and Wednesday afternoon, after the tennis and sport activities they sit and eat together, that part is obviously very important as they come from families who don't provide all the meals during the day, the parents  can't afford it or are not around to be with the kids after school time.  The kids got help with school work- which is very important especially after the Covid-19 lack of consistent learning. We had a great Chi-Kong session with Bat Sheva Mendel from IC, the kids participated beautifully. We gave all participants t-shirts, that made them very happy and gave them a feeling of belonging.

Over the summer time in July we had special days – such as "water activities" together, and they had so much fun. During August we continued getting together, and because it is very hot , we did more relaxing activities which also included the studio room which we have. Like that the kids were busy and active during the summer holiday too.  Thanks for supporting us!    

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