Summary of 2023 activities

Summary of 2023 activities

The programme took place in ITEC, Israel Tennis and Education Centers-Jaffa, from January 2023 till end of September 2023 (each year starts according to the school year, meaning the program ran from September 2022 till the end of December 2022, thanks to IC support too). The program in Jaffa had to pause unfortunately, because of the disaster Israel went through on October 7th and since then Israel is at war.

Once the community programs renewed they had to take place only according to the regulations of safety, meaning having a safe room big enough for all participants and staff on venue. In Jaffa the kids in the programs come from Day Care Centers, which are small venues, and it wasn't possible to do the activity there. The Center was closed.

We managed to open the community programs that take place in ITEC-Tel Aviv, because the kids in those programs have the activity in the mornings during  school time. On the school venue we could activate the programs during this "emergency routine" period.    Therefore the support from IC is now asked for ITEC Tel Aviv "Habek" programme October 2023- till August 2024. If the "Habek" programme will reopen in Jaffa in September 2024 we will shift the support back to Jaffa for the rest of 2024.

Like last year the kids participating enjoyed great activities in Jaffa during 2023. They had tennis and sports activities which gave them many tools on and off court.  Especially in these tough times we are going through in Israel right now, we see how the programme is a safe place for the participants. We are glad to say that the participants in Tel Aviv from the schools are very active and they really love taking part in each session. We want to share that the kids from Jaffa who come through the day care centers are fine all in all and have support from their councillors to cope with these hard times. Unfortunately, we can't do the sessions in their venue.  

This year we did too, celebrate the festives ( Rosh Hashana festive of the beginning of the year, Hanukkah festive of lights). For the kids it is very powerful to be together and have positive experiences celebrating. We gave them presents, shirts and bags, they received it happily!

Bat Sheva IC member, remains in contact and it's great to have her with us.

We thank you very much for supporting us and helping us make this happen,


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