TDKET in Addis Ababa - Report 2022

TDKET in Addis Ababa - Report 2022

The success story goes on

What about 20 years ago was a means of getting poor children off the streets through tennis is now a stepping stone to a qualified school education. What was a side issue at the beginning of the project has now become a main issue: Learning

This did not happen entirely voluntarily, but is due to the fact that there was not enough space for 50 children to train intensively. Due to various construction works, Tariku Tesfaye, the co-founder and leader of TDKET, had to give up part of the second tennis court. As a consequence, the children prefer to learn and work more in the library than waiting for a free tennis court.

Thanks to the commitment of Dr. Manfred Lautenschlaeger, member of IC Germany, it was and is possible to give most children a qualified school education. He in 2022 donated 21,000 Euros to give 30 children access to a private school. In 2023 it will be 30.000 € for 30 children. At the moment, 1 youngster from TDKET is in his 3rd year at a state university. 2 other youngsters  attend a college. 4 more children will soon be taking their final school exams. If they do well, they have access to university, if they do less well, they, thanks to the sponsorship, at least have the possibility to attend a college. 5 children attend a private senior high school. The final exam will be end of June. Part of the successes of school education lies in the principle of generations. The older children help the younger children of the lower generation with their homework.

The sporting performences are still extraordinary. Thanks to donations from ICP and local sponsors  good nutrition is also part of the concept of TDKET. All 50 children receive a daily meal in the neighboring hotel.

Alex Kurucz, IC Germany

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