Summary of 2023 activities

Summary of 2023 activities

The year 2023 of ASKep was full of adventures.

A New Director
The structure in Kep is now headed by Seyha Chhim, a young Khmer and former student of Askep.

Being close to the young students and their families whom he knows and interacts with on a daily basis, he is driven by total involvement which has allowed the association to have great activity throughout the year. His assumption of office also fits into the purpose of the association. Development through sport is now taking shape at another level by allowing local young people to have a job and a professional development project. Taking care of the structure, its work and its maintenance, it also creates an ecosystem and recognition in the region by offering a schedule of tennis lessons and rental of the court during off-peak hours to tourists and its inhabitants.

Actions 2023/2024

  1. Training of Seyha
    Since September, Seyha has been accompanied by a French teacher, Francis Ewald, to perfect his training and acquire performance in learning progressive tennis.
  2. “Beyond-Kep”
    To continue to adhere as closely as possible to its Purpose “tennis for all”, the association launched the program: “Au-Delà-De-Kep” in September. Francis and Seyha introduce tennis to other children and associations in Cambodia. Together, they manage to sustain the first “discovery of tennis” contacts with associations in the Kep region and of course with Au-Dela-Des-Rizières, the first structure to benefit from our activities since 2022. This action is supported by the FFT “Terre d’Impact” endowment fund of which Thierry Pham, our IC representative for the support of the ICPF, is the secretary-general.
  3. They also organize, in addition to integrating it into the courts on a daily basis, awareness days about the values of tennis, respect, hygiene, confidence and surpassing oneself. So around a hundred children are playing or have discovered tennis this year in Cambodia thanks to ASKep.

After difficult years since 2020, it is therefore a very exciting activity and position that we wish to become sustainable for the years to come.

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