Final report from KRRP

Final report from KRRP

The Ken Rosewall Regional Project (KRRP) was launched in 2016 to provide tennis coaching in schools and communities in regional, rural and often remote areas of Australia that would otherwise find it difficult to provide free lessons to their students or to attract tennis coaches on a regular basis.

The programs have been managed and delivered by Kids Tennis Foundation (KTF), honoured that one of the game’s true gentlemen, Ken Rosewall, whose name is synonymous with Australian tennis, agreed to be involved with this project.

In excess of 7,000 children in Australia have received coaching across the past 5 years because of the Ken Rosewall Regional Project and the wonderful support of CQS and ICP (2016-2020) and the Yulgilbar Foundation (2016-2018).

Many testimonials from schools and communities say it all! They confirm that apart from the KTF programs, through the KRRP, providing the children with an opportunity not normally available to them, they also provide a great role model in the coach, foster tolerance and co-operation between children of many varied nationalities and cultures, promote a healthy lifestyle, improve other social and communicative skills, not to mention the boost to self-esteem and self-confidence being of paramount importance.

Across the world, 2020 has been a very difficult year because of the Covid 19 pandemic. KTF programs were conducted in Term 1 but came to a sudden halt when the virus hit. Consequently, due to travel restrictions and students not at school in Term 2, there was no tennis at all. Term 3 much the same across most of Australia, but some very special programs were delivered in a few areas of Australia in Term 4 with one of the highlights being THE KIMBERLEY TOUR (see attached reports).

Thanks to the Ken Rosewall Regional Project and your wonderful support, there are smiles on the faces of many more children in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia.


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