This programme, in its infancy, focuses on five core values and teaches one value for each day of the weekly Kew Gardens Tennis Club camp. These include: positivity, respect, fair-play, etiquette and sportsmanship. The life skills that are taught include: good manners, respect for others, good behaviour and social interaction. The children are encouraged to grow in self-confidence and to take pride in themselves. Physical fitness, nutrition and hygiene are also part of the programme, as is the focus on good team-work. The first Canadian programme was run in August 2018 for one week, three hours a day with inner city children aged 6-11 years old.

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  • Building self confidence
  • Team work
  • Teaching respect
  • Benefits of good nutrition
  • Working with goals and within the rules

IC Philanthropy currently has a portfolio of 15 programmes and start-ups taking place across the world.

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