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New South Wales

ICP have recently approved a grant for the Ken Rosewall Regional Project, presented by Kids Tennis Foundation (Founder & Chairman – Paul McNamee) and largely sponsored by CQS. This programme, to take place in regional country towns, will target remote, isolated and low socio-economic regions. The programme will benefit children from 8 to 12 years old and will focus on life skills, as the main aim is social welfare conducted through the medium of tennis. Once the programme gets underway it is hoped that by year three 1,000 children will be taking part.



Many more children in regional and remote areas of Australia have received coaching in a Kids Tennis Foundation program at their schools as part of the Ken Rosewall Regional Project (KRRP), thanks to funding from CQS, YULGILBAR FOUNDATION and ICP. Earlier this year, Ken was at the launch of KRRP at Kingswood Primary School in Penrith, NSW and since then has visited two more schools, namely Islington Primary School and Franklin Primary School. The story goes something like this…….


First of all I would like to thank the Kids Tennis Foundation for the opportunity given to our school to participate in the program this year under the banner of the Ken Rosewall Regional Project. Secondly I would like to acknowledge the commitment and excellent coaching provided by the coach Michael Mills. He has a real affiliation with introducing tennis to those that have no or little experience and an excellent rapport with children. Thirdly, the students who participated have benefited in many ways. We have new refugee students in the school and this was their first experience with tennis and the improvement in these students’ skills was outstanding. The same can be said for students in my class who have an intellectual disability and often poor gross motor skills. It provided them with a positive self-esteem boost to be able to participate with their peers within the broader school environment. All students regardless of background were enthusiastic every week and put in a great effort to improve, be responsible with equipment, learn to take turns and develop their sportsmanship and cooperative skills. We had approximately 50 students from years 3-6 participate throughout the year. The program offered teachers a valuable opportunity to learn new teaching skills and we now have the appropriate equipment to keep practising.

The students really appreciated the visit from Ken Rosewall. It was a great chance to research his contribution to Australian tennis and they were very interested in what he had to say at assembly. He is a true gentlemen.

Many students have enjoyed the positive outcomes from being involved in this program and we look forward to applying for the chance to be part of it again in future years.

Sean Beeton
Sport Coordinator




The Kids Tennis Foundation program has been amazing. The whole school community is really excited about being involved with Kids Tennis Foundation and the Ken Rosewall Regional Project.

Staff and students really enjoy the activities and the confidence gained by the students is evident.

The skills they are learning from Coach, Bernadette Franklin, are great and I think they already feel they could play for Australia! Having Ken himself visit the school recently was amazing. He spoke to the assembly. In his talk he spoke about the way his love of tennis had enabled him to travel the world and have such amazing experiences. The parents and grandparents who attended were keen to catch up with him afterwards for a chat.

The students and staff are excited about the coming weeks of lessons. Our school is well equipped with Hot Shots equipment and we will continue to build on these skills.

Carmel Stuckey

Ken Rosewall - Regional ProjectLaunch

Kids Tennis Foundation (KTF) launched the Ken Rosewall Regional Project (KRRP) at Kingswood Park Primary School in Penrith New South Wales on Monday 15 February 2016.  Funding for this Project is from global asset management company CQS, the ICP and the Yulgilbar Foundation (Myer). 

It was the most fabulous day with many in attendance including Ken Rosewall of course, Sir Michael Hintze (CQS) who had flown from London especially for the event, Peter McQuibben (ICP) who had flown from Washington, Paul McNamee (Chairman & Founder KTF and IC President Australia), Victor Eke (IC Australia & KTF Board), Matt Starr (Tennis NSW), Councillor Ross Fowler (Deputy Mayor Penrith), Board Members Tennis NSW etc. Principal of the school, Katrina Berwick, was the perfect host and made all of us feel so welcome. Once we were welcomed by the school captains, Paul was fantastic as MC and had the attention of the many children when highlighting Ken’s incredible tennis record. Sir Michael too spoke to the children about his tennis background and the importance of sport in his life, encouraging them to be active and stay happy. Councillor Ross Fowler spoke of the importance of KTF programs in the Penrith area and Matt too spoke of the benefits associated with playing sport. Once the formalities were over, coaches, Elton & Tahnee conducted the KTF program in brilliant fashion. Ken, Sir Michael & Paul had a hit with the kids  & they absolutely loved it. KTF programs under the KRRP banner will be conducted every week of the school year (40 weeks) in many regional schools throughout Australia.

To find out more:  http://www.tennis.com.au/nsw/news/2016/02/15/ken-rosewall-helps-launch-groundbreaking-coaching-project

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