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Krajicek Tennis Tour - September 2018

Krajicek Tennis Tour - September 2018

Every year the Richard Krajicek Foundation organises the so called Krajicek Tennis Tour.

Teams from 119 playgrounds all over the Netherlands can participate in these team matches. The teams consists of 4 players, girls and boys , in the age groups 10-12 and 13 -16.

Our Streettennis Project participated with 3 teams, 2 of them in the age group 10-12. 

Months before the tournament took place our coaches were preparing the children for the matches. 

When the big day came a bus brought the kids and their coaches to Zoetermeer where the matches were played on 24 (mini) courts.

It was good to see how the children from multi cultural backgrounds really enjoyed playing tennis together.

Two of our teams did very well and reached the finals that will be played in Rotterdam during the ABNAMRO World Tour Tournament.

The kids will first get the chance to see the professionals playing and in the late afternoon it will be time for their finals matches.

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