About IC Philanthropy

In 2009, IC Philanthropy was established by the IC Council to teach tennis to disadvantaged and disabled children.  In some communities, the sport provides an alternative path from life on the streets and the dangers of drugs, crime and negative peer pressure. 

The objective of all of our activities is to incorporate a life skills programme to help children understand and learn from the psychological benefits of tennis. We aim to foster a positive attitude, as well as a strong work ethic and approach to life so that the children can acquire a sense of purpose and instill the belief that anything is possible even in difficult circumstances.

Amsterdam, HollandCurrently we have a programme of twelve projects and start-ups taking place across the world. Each focuses on approximately 50 to 100 children with the programme in Uruguay destined to expand into the hundreds.   In the UK, in collaboration with UK based charity, Give It Your Max, we will be reaching thousands of young people over the next three years.

In 2009, IC Council participated in the first Tennis Ball at the All England Club, in partnership with Give It Your Max .  We were overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity which resulted in us raising over £65,000. Since then, The Tennis Ball has raised a further £240,000 towards our objectives and the number of programmes which we are now able to support has risen from three to twelve, with more projects planned.

These activities are now carried out by IC Philanthropy Foundation a UK registered company limited by guarantee which is registered as a charity with the Register of Charities for England and Wales under Registered Charity Number 1167925.  The Foundation provides financial support to independent tennis development initiatives that satisfy the objectives above and which are organised and/or monitored by national ICs. The Foundation funds facilities, equipment and coaching for these programmes and assesses the utility of these initiatives on an on-going basis. A grant will only be made to a programme where there is matched funding from another source, preferably a local source.      Read more

To learn more about how you can support or donate to our programmes, please review Sponsorship and donations.

You read how IC Philanthropy is making a real difference, please read how Yonus Gerber has achieved great success having participated in our programme in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia supported by the IC of Germany. 

Ethiopian kids in Mannheim 2016

Ethiopian kids in Mannheim 2016