Initially, this programme was established for the children of refugee families from Syria seeking to settle in the Principality. Many of these families have now moved elsewhere due to the resettlement process, so IC Luxembourg has set up a new programme in a poorer region. The programme has been remodelled to enable a local tennis school to help underprivileged children in families known to the Social Office; the Social Office (a state entity) looks after families which are in social and economic need. These families buy their food in “Cent Boutiques”; grocers who sell food and first necessity items at discounted prices to people in need. The Cent Boutiques and the social workers in the less well-off region have committed to help recruit the children. Children keen to pursue the sport will then join an existing tennis school infrastructure where tennis lessons will be arranged and where they will be able to mix with other kids and thus benefit from social mixing. A start-up date later in 2021 will shortly be confirmed.

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  • Building self confidence
  • Team work
  • Teaching respect
  • Benefits of good nutrition
  • Working with goals and within the rules

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